Motor Engine Oils

Depending on the desired viscosity, application, and load conditions, we offer our customers a wide range of engine oils with different specifications. We are suppliers of Motor Engine Oils with SAE 20W50, 10W30, 5W30, OW30, etc having API SM., SN, ACEA, C3, and C4 classification etc. We use refined virgin base oil as well as top brands of polymers and additives only. In addition to that we also do third party filing in different grades of oils as per customer requirement.

Diesel Engine Oils

Ten Stars offers a comprehensive range of SAE 20W 50,15 W 40 and other specifications having API CI4, CH4, CF4, SL/SJ etc. to be used in all kinds of light and heavy vehicles. The oils prevent wear by reducing friction between the moving parts. They are formulated with superior detergency to remove accumulated contaminants from engine oil drains ensuring optimum performance of the engines, adhering to all the standards required for road use with a long life and also reducing your overall maintenance costs.

Gear Oil

We specialise in manufacturing specialty blended oil used in all kinds of petrol and diesel engines including GL5, SAE 85W140, Zopec, EP Gear: API Service Category GL-5 and US Military Specifications MIL- L2105D. Blended with advanced synthetic base stocks and high-quality additives, this automotive gear oil protects your gear from moisture, corrosive acids and alkalis. Our oils are used in a variety of industries like Construction Machinery, Mining, Heavy Trucks and Agricultural machinery. Our gear oils are especially known for their excellent creep strength capability – the ability to resist pressure or load that builds up slowly over time.

Hydraulic Oil

Ten Stars HYDRA Turbine R&O oils are produced to meet BS 489: 1983 (ISO 32 to 68), MIL 17672 D GEK- 465068 etc. These premium quality products exhibit high viscosity index, excellent thermal stability and good lubrication properties. Oils for use in reciprocating and centrifugal turbine oil charges, they are specially designed for higher oil temperatures and severe service. Thus the hydraulic oils are used in many different industries such as thermal power plants, paper mills, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering.

Brake fluid and Clutch Oil

Quality brake fluid and clutch oil are vital to the safe performance of your car. It is important that the right type of fluid is used in your car. Using the wrong kind will provide poor stopping power and may cause serious damage to your vehicle. Brake fluid can be bought from Ten Star in DOT 3, DOT 4, SAE J1704, ISO 4925 and FMVSS No. 116. We manufacture and supply a range of OEM approved, high-quality brake fluid ensures optimum performance and longevity of the braking system.

Marine & Industrial Oils

The Marine & Industrial Oil Series meets the specification of API, CD, MIL 2104C, CCMCD 1/D2. Multipurpose non-emulsifiable petroleum oils that have been specially formulated for marine and industrial applications where water washout is required. These oils have excellent mechanical, physical and oxidative stability. This Ten Stars product is used as raw material in manufacturing and maintenance of engines of ships and watercraft, tractors and heavy equipment, industrial boilers and heat exchangers.


We also manufacture all kinds of greases in Calcium and Lithium used in automobile and industrial machinery. Greases can be shear-stable and planar suspension, or thixotropic with irregular molecular arrangement and those used in industrial applications are usually synthetic or semi-synthetic. The performance of a grease is determined by its consistency, temperature range, load carrying capacity and ability to lubricate at high temperatures. We have extended our range of greases. Our products have been appreciated by the customers due to their consistent quality and purity.


Silk Ultra - The best lubricant for vehicles that need a delicate touch. It's perfect for cars and trucks, but also works well with motorcycles and farm equipment.

Super Engine Oil (6000) - This engine oil is great for everyday use on vehicles that are used frequently. It can be used in cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles and farm equipment.

Ten Stars Ultra (10000) - This heavy-duty lubricant is perfect for vehicles that are used regularly and need extra protection from the elements. It can be used in cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles and farm equipment.

X-OL - Our most advanced engine oil yet. It's ideal for vehicles that see a lot of use or travel long distances on a regular basis—it provides extra protection against heat while keeping your engines running smoothly at all times.